YOU NEED THIS IN YOUR LIFE: Training Choreography

It’s very strange to me how a large portion of teachers separate skills and quality of dance training as if they are two seperate entities. Kicks and jumps are taught and executed but not often danced. So how do I marry skills and dance quality in a way that will prepare students to use their skills gracefully and consistently: I use training choreography.

What is training choreography?

It is choreography that carefully combines different tempos, levels, skills, change of directions and qualities that are taught in a way that gives the dancer TIME and ABILITY to develop their bodies and apply their skills SAFELY and CONSISTENTLY. Ideally, training choreography is preparation for a particular dance or performance and will set the foundation for more difficult skills and choreography.

Below is an example of training choreography I gave to an amazing group of dancers at Centre Stage

I believe that many choreographers and teachers are teaching too quickly and introducing skills in to dances before safely interjecting them in to safe scenarios that include down the floor and class choreography as one’s centre of balance changes with even the slightest angle.

A jete forward with a long or standardised prep is one thing; A jete from another direction after a particular type of choreography becomes something else and a body needs time to adjust through choreography training techniques.

Published by everythingdancewithashley

Ashley Grottoli is an award winning dancer and choreographer who has helped thousands of students achieve their personal and professional goals. "Teach a dancer tricks and they are impressive on Instagram; Teach a dancer to harness their mind and body’s full potential and they can become anything they want to be" says Ashley.

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