Ashley Grottoli has coached countless students across the globe for over 23 years; launching many successful careers in dance and theatre. A graduate from York University with a degree in commerce and honours in marketing, she went on to join a team of masters students conducting branding research for Uniqlo and won several awards for their groundbreaking insights. Ashley grew up learning from the critically acclaimed Joann Chapman for over 10 years and competed across North America, featuring on TV shows such as Showstoppers National Championships. She even went on to win Miss Dance of America at Dance Masters of America in New York City at the age of 16. Ashley was given contracts for cheerleading and even awarded a spot at the Hula Bowl. Her teaching has taken her as far as Cuba and South Korea, and she featured on So You Think You Can Dance Australia, season 3. Her choreography credits include the Victorian Government and Carols by Candlelight. Her contributions to Wendy Samantha Productions in 2019 was awarded 5 stars by Theatre People and Travel Victoria. Her passion to help teachers develop their teaching skills has lead her to conduct teacher training workshops with individual studios in order to help them produce safe, strong and focused dancers on a larger scale with tremendous results. In 2017 Ms. Grottoli was nominated for teaching excellence from the Australian Independent Dance Teacher Awards based on her teaching philosophy to teach habits; not steps. Most recently, Ms Grottoli acquired her American Yoga Association teaching accreditation which has added yet another layer of anatomical understanding and unique teaching and breathing techniques to her comprehensive and challenging classes. Ms. Grottoli believes that correctness, balance and grace can only be achieved by equipping each student with the tools necessary to be successful through coveted and globally renowned teaching techniques. 

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