AFL: Can I have a minute of your unpaid time?

I won’t beat a dead horse because lots of really great points have already been made as to why the AFL is exploiting the dance industry. However, one thing I haven’t seen anywhere is that it’s not their job to determine if a performance opportunity is a good opportunity; because that job belongs to us!Continue reading “AFL: Can I have a minute of your unpaid time?”

Prosthetic Limbs and Acro/Dance

Teaching students with challenging physical attributes is something I take a lot of pride in. I have taught many many children with prosthetic limbs and wanted to share some tips on how to get them achieveing their absolute best. Start on the floor and stay there for as long as you can. Thankfully there areContinue reading “Prosthetic Limbs and Acro/Dance”

The dance floor: The forgotten tool in todays training.

Whenever I walk into a studio space the first thing I do is look down while I walk around the room. Not because I’m sad; it isn’t some weird prep ritual before class; no, it is because I want to assess and absorb the feel and effect the floor has on my body. Paired withContinue reading “The dance floor: The forgotten tool in todays training.”

Dear dance families,

Dear dance families, Stay where are if you know what’s good for you; and most importantly your children. Your dance teachers need you, but what’s interesting is that you and your children will need them far more during this time and especially once this is all over.  “But it’s only dance they said. The kidsContinue reading “Dear dance families,”

YOU NEED THIS IN YOUR LIFE: Training Choreography

It’s very strange to me how a large portion of teachers separate skills and quality of dance training as if they are two seperate entities. Kicks and jumps are taught and executed but not often danced. So how do I marry skills and dance quality in a way that will prepare students to use theirContinue reading “YOU NEED THIS IN YOUR LIFE: Training Choreography”

Don’t find fault: Find a remedy

I was always taught that criticism is best served with a heaping side of solution.  This is a paramount life lesson that has become one of the corner stones of my teaching philosophy. Now I know that time and experience is my friend when it comes to my ability to find remedies for most ifContinue reading “Don’t find fault: Find a remedy”

Dance moms don’t exist! Let me tell you why?

There is an article circulating about dance moms and how the experience of a dancer and their family is bound by mean spirited encounters laced with disappointment and hurt. I am here to say that this is such crap! The only thing that exists are bad people…and the truth is that they are everywhere. ThereContinue reading “Dance moms don’t exist! Let me tell you why?”

Finishing on success: When is it important; and why is it necessary?

Finishing on success – Although I have absolutely done this, I haven’t actually recognised it explicitly nor have I always applied it when I should have. This lesson is curtesy of my partner who I watched for over an hour teach my son how to play basketball. And, as my son became frustrated at theContinue reading “Finishing on success: When is it important; and why is it necessary?”

The science behind hip joints: Why over stretching is not just unattractive and uncontrolled dance.

I am so lucky that my child hood dance training was appropriate and safe while still very much capable of producing impressive results. Not only do I feel that dance lines have been completely contorted but certain types of dance training has become dangerous and unnecessary. There is a general lack of understanding as toContinue reading “The science behind hip joints: Why over stretching is not just unattractive and uncontrolled dance.”

Loaded Terms: What are they and why are they ruining our students dance experience?

In this blog I will explain how the loaded term has crept its way in to dance instruction; creating a teaching philosophy that has slowly erased teaching as a scientific, experience based method to a regurgitation of words along with a transfer of responsibility from teacher to student. It is so hard to put myContinue reading “Loaded Terms: What are they and why are they ruining our students dance experience?”