The checklist: One of the best tools for habitual learning

I don’t know about you, but I have always been in awe of how much a dancer needs to remember simultaneously in order to execute anything correctly. I made this revelation at the ripe old age of 7 when, for me, body awareness kicked in and I realised that I wasn’t as brilliant as IContinue reading “The checklist: One of the best tools for habitual learning”

Trust me. Trust me not.

Today’s blog is a request from a fellow professional. A request to write about the mistrust  so many have for their dance teachers, studio owners and the industry. I am not going to lie though; they will probably only like half my bog. Yes, undoubtedly there is an overabundance of cooks in the kitchen whenContinue reading “Trust me. Trust me not.”

What makes a good correction…It might not be what you think.

  As teachers, we are the instrument that examines and questions each and every student in order to find and develop their inherent gifts; gifts that are converted in to usable skills hopefully allowing for each student to realise their dreams; whether dance based or not. Our students’ successes no matter how big or smallContinue reading “What makes a good correction…It might not be what you think.”

“How about some credit”…said every dance teacher ever!!!

Years of attention and corrections given over countless class hours. Sleepless nights pondering how to best fix their stubborn issues. You equip them with the right mentality so that they are ready to  embrace all of your well prepared, meaningful lessons. Tears of joy are shared after milestones are reached. A relationship that brings manyContinue reading ““How about some credit”…said every dance teacher ever!!!”

To compete or not compete….that is the question?

Hello dance world. I am fully aware of how cheesy it is to start a blog or any body of writing with a definition, but I am astounded at how many people have forgotten the meaning of the following word: COMPETITION the act of competing; rivalry for supremacy, a prize, etc.: a contest for someContinue reading “To compete or not compete….that is the question?”

Ashley Mardesic the Critic! Say it ain’t so:)

Hello dance world. Let’s talk about Critics, critiquing and how it seriously needs to make an appearance in the world of dance in 2017. When I say I have been writing my current blog (not this one as I stopped to really understand why my process has been so tedious) for the past 2 weeksContinue reading “Ashley Mardesic the Critic! Say it ain’t so:)”

Failure is not an option..It’s a necessity!

Over the years I have become more of a councillor than a dance teacher. The “I can’t” mindset has become a gloomy cloud hanging over so many children’s heads. It hinders their progress with every single half embarrassed/half fearful attempt at something new. As it progressively creeped its way in to my classes I wouldContinue reading “Failure is not an option..It’s a necessity!”

Do you offer free trials? Well you shouldn’t!

Do you offer free trials?..Well you shouldn’t! Free trials have traditionally been something that schools have done in order to give potential students the opportunity to try their classes. By getting bodies through the door they now believe they have the opportunity to turn those trials in to paying customers. I am going to shockContinue reading “Do you offer free trials? Well you shouldn’t!”

Parents…..We need to have a chat.

Let me present a scenario for all you dance parents out there: Your little girl or boy loves dance. They work day and night even when they were tinny. They gave up birthdays and holidays because they wanted to be the best. Your family sacrificed for years to be able to provide their child withContinue reading “Parents…..We need to have a chat.”

Just because you danced doesn’t mean you can teach…Yeah I said it!!!

Dance teaching is my career. I have trained from the age of 5 at one of the best dance schools in the world and have had the opportunity to learn from and work with some of the finest people in the industry. My parents invested every cent in my sister and I in order toContinue reading “Just because you danced doesn’t mean you can teach…Yeah I said it!!!”